The true university these days is a collection of books.
-Thomas Carlyle

Friday, 20 January 2012

A Vegetable Gardeners Year by Dirty Nails #2

I spoke about A Vegetable Gardeners Year back in 2009 because I borrowed it from the library as part of the 2009 mini challenges. Back then I only read parts of it with a view to buying it in the future to read all the way through. I did this throughout last year. The book is set into weekly chapters that correspond to the weeks in the year, so I read it in real time and finished it in December.

I covered why I liked it back then, and you can use the link above to read my thoughts at the time.

This time around, in its complete state, it is a pleasant companion that offers practical advice with personal musings from Mr Nails, and delightful drawings to accompany the prose. On completing it last month I thought it was worth a mention again.

I used it as a calming and lovely book to read before I went to sleep and I am happy that I read it all the way through. You can use it as a dipping in book as well though.

Recommended for gardeners, nature lovers and anyone who loves the outdoors.

Another blog that I follow, The Cottage Smallholder, has also mentioned Dirty Nails's book On The Plot.

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