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-Thomas Carlyle

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Book Swap

Number 9 on the 2009 Mini Challenges is to 'promote literacy'. It leaves it up to you how you want to interpret this so I decided to organise a book swap at work.
I knew that there were quite a few readers at work, so after asking around to see who would be interested, the date was set for Thursday 19th Feb. I did posters and we advertised in the works newsletter, plus there were e-mail reminders.
I was concerned that the whole thing could fall flat and it would be only my books there, but there were about 50 books altogether, from various people, and about 30 found new homes, with the remainder going to Oxfam. What was really nice was listening to people talking about the books on offer...'I've read that one, its really good' or 'I've been after that one for ages' and seeing people clutching there spoils to take home.
During the whole thing I was being asked when the next one would be. Quite a few had meant to bring their books in, even getting them out, but forgot them on the day, and wanted to bring them next time. I hadn't thought about another swap, but because of the interest we are probably going to have one in June. I am hoping that, as people get used to the swap, it should grow, as they remember to collect their books in advance. I also think some colleagues wanted to suss out the response before getting involved. Someone has also offered to bake cakes for the next one too.
All of my books found new homes and I came away with 2 new ones...Hard Times by Charles Dickens and The Turning of the Screw by Henry James.
All in all it went down very positively, with another one planned, and some new books being read and talked about.


J.C. Montgomery said...

What a great idea!! It almost makes me wish I still worked.

I said almost. LOL

However, if I did, I would SO steal this idea. Well done!

Leah said...

Thanks J.C., it was good fun and worth doing. Thanks also for your comments about Shadow of the Wind. It was your site that encouraged me to read it! Such a great book.

Jeane said...

What a great idea! I'm going to suggest it to my husband- he might like doing this at work (I'm stay-home now).

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Very nice!

Wendy said...

What a fantastic idea! I may have to think about this for my job...there are a lot of readers who work for our agency. What a terrific way to promote reading/literacy. Bravo!

Leah said...

Jeane, Michele and Wendy, thank you for your comments. If you get round to doing a swap, I look forward to reading about it on your blogs. I have recieved a lot of encouragement which will spur me on for the next one!

Gentle Reader said...

That sounds lovely! So glad it worked out. I'm going to keep the idea in mind for my book group...

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