The true university these days is a collection of books.
-Thomas Carlyle

Friday, 18 May 2012

4th Blogiversary

Yes its true, The Octogon has been here in this spot for 4 years and it has been great fun.
I have made lots of blogging friends, taken part in all sorts of online events, as well as loads of lovely books that have come my way too.
This blog has helped me organise my reading, but has also encouraged my Novel Holidays, BookSwaps and various events and discoveries along the way. In some ways The Octogon has been the sun around which all of these other things have revolved.
At the beginning, in 2008, when I posted for the first time, I really did not know where I was going with this, but it has evolved and taken on a life of its own and I can only hope that I will be here with you for some time to come.
Many thanks to all of you who stop by to read, comment and encourage. As you all know, blogging is a huge community and I am very glad to have my own little space within it.


Amy said...

Happy 4th! Love your blog!

Leah said...

Thanks Amy, glad you like it :)

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Hay on Wye