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Friday, 31 December 2010

Previously reviewed books at The Octogon - 2010

A very colourful map to accompany this year of literary travels during 2010. Click on the titles to read the review...


Biblibio said...

Very cool map! With the exception of the southern part of China, I'm surprised at how pale the lower parts of the world are in comparison to the north... There should be a spot of color, though, for Coelho - Brazil would add a bit of Southern hemisphere life to the map.

Leah said...

Hi there Biblibio, they are great aren't they. Maybe I should do a seperate map for author nationalities too because then I could do Brazil for Coelho and the other authors, but this map is for the countries travelled to during the stories of the books. Thanks for dropping by. You can get a map if interested on

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