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-Thomas Carlyle

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Haiku Year

I wanted to share this little book with you. I found it a few years ago and loved it instantly. It has become one of my favourites.
The paragraph on the back of the book explains how these poems came together...
'In 1996, seven friends agreed to write one haiku a day and mail them to each other. At the end of the year, they realized that their collection of simple, critical observations had given them a new way to look at the details of their lives.'
Told in a seasonal cycle the haiku in this book are really inspiring, and I have many favourites among them. There is a quote from someone called Todd Colby on the back also...
'In this era of computer screens, it's nice to be reminded just how underrated reality is. Sometimes we miss the most sublime moments on our way to where we'd rather be. These haiku remind us to look, listen, and feel what's right at the end of our noses.'
The other thing that is interesting about this book is who the collection of friends are...
Tom Gilroy - actor, director and playwright from New York
Anna Grace - a writer and performer from New York
Jim McKay - film and videomaker
Douglas A Martin - writer and poet
Grant Lee Philips - songwriter and recording artist for the group Grant Lee Buffalo
Rick Roth - human rights activist, businessman
Michael Stipe - singer/songwriter with REM, photographer and film producer.
A wonderful find and an excellent collection of contemporary haiku.
Highly recommended!


teabird said...

I'm so intrigued! The idea, the participants, the challenge of really seeing something each day - thank you for posting this!

Leah said...

Hi Teabird, if you like Haiku then I definately recommend this book :)

Todd said...

Yeah, that someone called Todd Colby is me. I hear he's an alright poet and good book blurb writer. I wonder where I can find out more about him?

Leah said...

Hey Todd, thank you for leaving a message and stopping by. I really liked what you said on the back of this book which is why I included it. Would love to know more about you and your writing but the link from your name is blocked. Hope you drop by again!

Todd Colby said...

Hey Leah-

Just in case:

I like your blog--keep up the good work, and thanks!

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