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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Haiku Humor: Wit and Folly in Japanese Poems and Prints

For all of you who enjoy Haiku poetry, this is a book that is well worth a look.
Containing, not just poetry, but some witty Japanese drawings too, it is all about seeing the funny side of life in a snapshot. For all of our differences across the world, diversity that makes us all fascinating and enables us to learn from one another, I have found the ability to laugh together to be one of the strongest and most delightful common denominators. Sharing a good laugh or a giggle at the absurdities of life is one of the pleasures of being human and this book contributes hugely.
It is a combination of traditional and contemporary poems, so spans the centuries as well as the globe, showing humour to be entertainment, a show of intelligence, or a coping mechanism during difficult times.
There are loads of humourous Haiku out there, one of my favourites was the Spam-ku website, yes its all poetry about SPAM luncheon meat! Some of them are hilairious. What I like about this book is that it collects together the more traditional form of the poem, old and new, with a playful slant that we can all relate to. Keep an eye on my Haiku of the week, on my sidebar, for more funny (and not so funny) poems in this form.


Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Ha - I printed out some of the Spam haiku and put them on the fridge! Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

Haiku seems to be a great combination of prose, poetry, humour and graphics. Thus, it seems to be a complete package of entertainment
haiku poems

Leah said...

Michele: glad you got a grin from the Spamku, there are some classics in there.

Gururaj: absolutely!

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