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-Thomas Carlyle

Sunday, 7 December 2008

BookCrossing: I found a book!

Ever since I heard of BookCrossing from a friend I have wanted to find one. Some people I know have seen loads, but not me. Until now.
For those of you who may not have heard about this art of liberating books, you can register your book for free on the website, attach one of their stickers/bookplates with its number on it, then leave it to be found by another person who can add their thoughts on the website before releasing it again. You can follow its journey through the website too. It is a great way to share books and also your thoughts.
I found my book outside the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre, resting on the automatic door button. I had passed it minutes before and it wasn't there. The book is called Three Jacobean witchcraft plays and the link takes you to the bookcrossing page for this book. An apt place to leave such a book! I did some work on women as outcasts during my Shakespeare year (AA306) with the Open University, when we were doing Macbeth, so I am intrigued by this subject, enough to pick it up and take it home.When I have read it I will post a review.


katrina said...

I'm a bookcrosser and leave books in the 'wild' reguarly - some get registered and some don't. But I have never found a book.
Hope you enjoy it

lunarossa said...

I'm a bookcrosser too and I've never found a books either. But I know that "my" books have been found and read and that's nice. Hope you'lle enjoy your newfound book. Ciao. Antonella

Jena said...

I, too, am a Bookcrosser (since 2002), and though I've made many "wild releases," I don't think I've ever really found one. (I have picked up a few that a friend released to re-release them in a new location when the books hadn't been taken within a week of the release.)

Bookcrossing is such a fun book adventure--it's always a delightful surprise to find a note in your e-mail saying someone made a new journal entry for a book you released (sometimes years ago).

Gentle Reader said...

Wow! I joined bookcrossing but have never left a book anywhere, and certainly never found one! How great! I'm inspired--I think I'll "release" a book into the wild this holiday season :)

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

I'm a bookcrosser, but have never found a book. I think it's so neat that you did!!

Very nice that you blogged about it and I'm looking forward to the review.

Jeane said...

How cool. I've heard of bookcrossing, but never seen a book anywhere. Do they ever travel overseas, I wonder?

Bookfool said...

Congratulations on your find! I've never found one, myself. Pretty exciting!

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